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Yog Ved Shala

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About This Yoga School

Yog Ved Shala’s founder Shraddha Vora is a certified Sivananda Yog teacher, and has spent more than ten years at the Iyengar School of Yoga, out of which she spent six years in Pune and had the privilege to study under Guruji Shri BKS Iyengar.
Shraddha is a devoted Vipassana meditator, which plays a big role in her personal practise, and thus in her teaching approach. In addition, Shraddha holds a diploma from the Tilak Maharashtra University in Ayurveda. She incorporates the knowledge and understanding of natural healing, compiled by Sage Patanjali, in all her classes, as she believes it to be of equal relevance as the study of Yog.
For her, Yog is not only the practise of physical postures, but following her desire to help her students to realise their full potential in this world. She believes in the relevance of the inward journey, and, by moving to the more subtle layers of our beings, to reach levels of enlightened consciousness through purity, contentment, austerity, self-study, and eventually surrender.

At Yog Ved Shala, our aim is to revive traditional and authentic Yog, as compiled in the ‘Yog Sutras of Patanjali’ 2500 years ago. By going back to its original Indian blue print, and by acknowledging Yog’s role in the evolution of all beings, we consider our time on the mat not only a lifestyle of practicing asanas, but a deliberate choice of a life built on the four principles of maitri (loving kindness), karuna (compassion), mudita (joy), and upeksha (equanimity).
Thus, our practice is of a serious, inward and disciplined nature, focusing on the theoretical and practical aspects of the eight limbs of Yog throughout each class and training. Our aim at Yog Ved Shala is to offer our students a safe and distraction-free space to re-connect to their inner selves, to understand the true meaning and essence of Yog, and, with its help, to reach a lasting state of balance, calmness and, eventually, enlightenment.

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