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Gyanama Yoga

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About This Yoga School

Gyanama Yoga, founded by Nadja Rosmary, is a place for women to meet, be, explore, heal, share, journey inwards and find their own inner power. Combining Methods of Ancient Yoga Therapy, Eastern Philosophy and Western Psychology – shared in alignment with the lineage of the Rose Priestesses and womb wisdom, Gyanama offers a safe haven for women from all walks of life.

Gyanama stands for Sanskrit “the Mother of Wisdom”. In a woman’s lifetime she journeys through the three phases of the Triple Goddess – the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. Each and every phase holds a lot of beauty, myth and challenges. The phase of the Maiden: when a girl has her Menarche, her first bleed, she walks over the threshold from girl to woman. The phase of the Mother – when a woman gives birth to her adult self, taking full responsibility for life, embracing physical, spiritual and/or psychological motherhood. The phase of the Crone – when a woman enters Menopause after her last bleed, she has the potential to walk over the threshold to Gyanama, the mother of wisdom.

At Gyanama, we guide women through all phases of the Triple Goddess. The more we can heal at any given time within our body, soul and womb, the smoother the transition to the next phase. Modern society has no place for this form of self-care, self-love and self-respect, as a consequence Menopause feels like a small death to many women and gets accordingly ignored until the first symptoms start. Yet, all our lives we harvest and collect in preparation for the third Goddess.

There are three pillars to a woman’s wisdom. First and foremost a woman needs to be surrounded by other women. Magic happens simply by consciously being together, as genetically women are meant to share, weave and hold ceremonies in circles. The second pillar is to harvest knowledge about her inner world – body, soul and psyche – as well as the ways of the outer world. Finally, the third pillar is to apply different healing modalities, connect with the Divine and receive guidance in how to navigate the mysteries of life.


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