yoga retreat in rishikesh


About This Yoga School

Yogayu under the expert guidance of team headed by Mrs. Herambi Shaswata Chandra are focused on propagating yoga and ayurveda in its most natural form. With all importance to its science, its healing power and integrated approach for a holistic living, we aim at bringing well being to all our clientele.

Mrs Herambi stepped in Yoga from tender age and with dedication and sincerity has come out as an expert in the field of yoga and its therapeutic approach. Along with its ayurvedic team of doctors, she combines by her skills and hard commitment these to life rejuvenating sciences to bring about a deep healing touch to its clientele. The quality remains unquestionable strengthened by its strong values of honesty, sincerity, empathy and soft touch to provide excellent care and discipline in this value system.

Yogayu team stands as a remarkable support for all those who wish to bring happiness as a companion of their life.


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