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Yoga Village India

Yoga Village India

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About This Yoga School

Yoga International Oroanisation is working under the New Consciousness Meditation &. Yoga Centree whichis registered by the State Government of Maharashtra, ndia.Allcourses provided by our organisation will be certificated andauthenticated by this centre. We offer a variety of courses and tra1n1ngs in differenttypes of yoga, as wellas Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Teacher AdvancedTraining, and also meditation retreats, Reiki,massage and healingcourses.

We believe yoga and meditation should not be merely a chain of

techniques, but an integrated system, whether the main end is relaxation and transformation .

Our organisation stands for a multifaceted, holistic and in-depth

practice of yoga and meditation.

The focus is not on the mere transmission of knowledge, but ratheron promoting a deeper understanding, which can take you towardsthe state of no-mind. This requires teachers who are themselves familiar with this state and able to give appropriate guidance.

So our yoga teachers and therapists and our Reiki master are themselves very peaceful,natural and harmonious beings.

The meaning of practice is learning to live in the present moment, so

that you also know how to live in daily life. Yoga is not aboutattaining some goal, or fulfilling the ego; we are here to dance, toenjo y, with sincerity but not with a serious mindset! We don’t have a goal. We don’t have an aim. It is just about living. It is a way to go inside .The postures may be outside, but the experience should be inside, as a crystallizing and deep cleansing.

Yoga and meditation are not to be used as a means of escape, but as a

form of direct focus on the moment, the present.

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