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Yog Nirodha

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About This Yoga School

Yog Nirodha is a way to share with the world what she received in all these years practising yoga. After completing her certification as a Yoga instructor from Yoga Alliance UK , she began teaching from 2018 till now. In these two and a half years she has seen individuals transform physically, mentally and emotionally.

If asked; this is how one will define Yoga. According to us, it is not just a definition but, an experience which enabled our expert yoga instructor Stacy Rodrigues to persue on a humble attempt to share this beautiful experience with those who are seeking health and happiness in the hustle and bustle of day to day life.

Started with just learning the basics of yoga at a very young age, Stacy religiously began to practice at the age of 25. Born with a disability (visually impaired), Stacy took it as a challenge to defeat the odds and fight the predictions which the doctors gave her about going completely blind. With Ayurveda and Yoga together, Stacy has changed the life with the constant practise and as a result she has both evolved physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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