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Upaya Yoga

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About This Yoga School

Upaya Yoga is a family. A special place to learn and share in a safe environment and serene atmosphere. People from all over the world join us every year, and in such cultural melting- pot, you will meet inspiring people, and you will make new friends. Our teachers are reliable and proficient in all areas of Yoga. We appreciate that the course might move you physically and emotionally, bringing some up and down. For this reason, our team will be available for any support and assistance. We will accompany you delicately through the extraordinary process of self-discovery. The spaces for the yoga practice enhance energetic flow. Two beautiful outdoor yoga shala will host your classes to help you connect with your inner self most genuinely. Surrounded by lush tropical trees, during the early morning and sunset classes, your senses will benefit from the beauty and energy of Nature, doing your practice with us an unforgettable experience. At Upaya, we respect your privacy, and we value the need for silence. Our open-air communal areas allow personal relaxation and comfort. Green and shady gardens provided of swinging chairs, pillows, cushions, cozy dining areas, and the library will always make you feel at home. A swimming pool and sunbeds are there to refresh during the hottest hours of the day and chill in moonlight. We at Upaya, One of the leading Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga School in Goa, India.

The location of Upaya is in itself, magic and unique. The location of our school in Goa is in itself magic and unique; we are placed in between the river and the beach indeed! Surrounded by lush coconut trees, during the early morning and sunset classes your senses will benefit of the beauty and energy of the nature, making of your practice at Upaya Yoga an unforgettable experience. Another reason for our ideal location is the surroundings of Arambol. The popular Arambol, beach, There you will find a wide variety of shops, lively restaurants and bars, colourful Indian markets and atm. Either you decide to relax on our beach or to stroll around, you will undoubtedly make the best of your free time at Upaya. Your safety is also one of our priorities. For this reason, our premises are under 24 hours surveillance. Yourself and your belongings will not incur any danger or risk.

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