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The Yoga Institute, Goa


The Yoga Institute, Goa

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About This Yoga School

The Yoga Institute, chorao Island In Goa, India was founded in 1918 by Shri Yogendraji, and is the oldest centre of yoga in the world. Shri Yogendraji believed that yoga institute was not meant exclusively for bearded men living in the mountains, and he wanted to bring it to householders—the men and women who have to work, toil, commute, earn a living, raise children, and fight the battle of life every day. He wanted to bring it to people living in the town and the city because he believed that the householder could benefit immensely from this knowledge. Little surprise then that Shri Yogendra is known as the Father of Modern Yoga Renaissance.

The Yoga Institute in Goa offers the same authentic and traditional Yoga experience as its Mother Branch. However, The Yoga Institute in Goa offers an exotic island atmosphere along with it. It’s a beautiful and scenic place where one can rediscover themselves. When it comes to designing retreats, courses, and the yoga classes in Goa, The Yoga Institute Goa will definitely bring out the best in you while having a scientific approach.


The Yoga Institute believes in making the students self-sufficient by all means. The experiences that they gain from this Island life, can help them to thrive in their daily rapidly changing environment. We practice and preach the life philosophy of Learn, Teach, and Inspire. People walk in, to our yoga institute with minor problems in life and they just want some help but when they walk out, they have a completely different personality and outlook to life. They evolve themselves into these well-equipped and skilled Yoga teachers training in Goa who are now fully prepared to help others. We just provide them the knowledge and resources that we have gathered over these last 100 years.

Teacher training course focus a lot on maintaining a good teacher-student relationship. As only that can be a guiding path on which an individual can walk towards becoming a good yoga teacher.

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