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The Ancient Yoga


The Ancient Yoga

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About This Yoga School

These intensive hatha and ashtanga vinyasa teacher trainings last for 14 days (100 hours) or 28 days (200 hours ). The team of experienced, dedicated, qualified and professional Yoga teachers welcomes you in beautiful Goa & Dharamshala, India, to share with you inspiring and valuable time.

The aim of the YTTC is to raise awareness about Yoga and provide a solid foundational understanding of the extent and depth of Yogic principles and lifestyle. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced in Yoga, you have the aspiration to become a professional Yoga teacher or you just want to improve your knowledge of Yoga, you will certainly benefit from this course. We’re also certain that, besides learning, you will enjoy the time with us and that your YTTC will be one beautiful experience that you won’t forget! We treat all our students as a family. You will feel at home in the accommodation and another facilities that we provide. We also make sure that what we teach really makes a difference in your life. This will be the beginning of a transformative experience for you, so if you’re ready to commit, read on to see a detailed description of the course and get in touch with us today – we look forward to be a part of your Yoga Teacher Training and your spiritual journey!

Healthy and happy life is the most sought goal for everyone. Whatever be one’s socioeconomic status and occupation, one always wishes to have a healthy and joyful life. But one should also remember that vigour and happiness come from interwoven physical, mental and emotional well-being. Unless we are mentally and emotionally fine, good health cannot be sustained by giving importance to physical fitness only. This fact is emphasized in the ancient Indian texts and is reflected in their teachings about holistic way of life. The modern science of medicine has also recognized the importance of mental and emotional fitness in healthy and hearty life. Nowadays, the causes and remedies for many diseases or disorders are being examined in the patient’s psychology.

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