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Raj Yoga School

Raj Yoga School

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About This Yoga School

About yoga teacher training course in dharamshala: Raj Yoga School was founded in July 2015 by Raj and Bharat from a desire to share the gift of yoga with others.
Raj yoga school has over a decade of the best yoga education programs and has trained hundreds of highly qualified yoga teachers.

offering over 09 yoga teacher training programs each year, Raj Yoga School is a popular yoga teacher training school in Dharamshala, and arambol (goa) India.

Raj Yoga School has many graduates that are registered (see reviews tripadvisor, google and facebook).

Programs are 200-hour certified. admission is open to all ages, levels, and experience yogis. the training is all-inclusive with indian vegetarian meals and comfortable accommodations provided.

About yoga teacher training in dharamshala, India on Raj Yoga School, we guide and invite you to explore the art of healthy hedonism: savoring food with mindfulness, delight, and gratitude! “hedonism,” comes from the greek word for pleasure and we believe you can enjoy a healthy dose of indulgence, while being mindful and moderate, using the tools yoga and meditation give you to listen in and respect your body’s natural rhythms and your mind’s presence.

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