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Oorjayii Yoga

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About This Yoga School

Oorjayii Yoga was created to provide a welcoming and safe space for people. We started with sharing circles and self-love yoga retreats, inviting healers and organizing workshops to promote balance, love, and mindfulness. Along the way, we noticed a growing disconnection in the world, especially due to modern lifestyles. Our vision expanded to include teaching yoga in schools, instilling kindness and mindfulness from a young age. As we progressed, we recognized the need for more teachers, or “Gurus,” who could guide others out of darkness and into light. Our goal at Oorjayii Yoga is to train teachers who can facilitate personal growth. We offer individual attention, focusing on teaching skills, philosophy, anatomy, and the development of each person’s inner teacher. The journey as a yoga teacher truly begins when one steps into the world to teach, whether for self-exploration or to guide others.

Yoga brought a big change in both of our lives and that makes us more eager to bring change in other’s lives who are in need of help. Any help to bring that change is always welcomed. You can reach us if you wish to be the part of our journey. We would love to hear from you 🙂

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