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Kranti Yoga School

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About This Yoga School

At Kranti Yoga, here in Goa, we have 6 incredible yoga spaces. As a Yoga School, we have yoga classes scheduled throughout the day. Whether you are on a Yoga Teacher Training Course or a Yoga Holiday, there is always a yoga space to practice, here in Goa. Some yoga spaces are great to learn inversions, others are better for quiet meditative times. Some boast views of the Arabian Sea, others are up in the palms trees of Goa.

Our yoga spaces are split between our 2 resorts with 3 Yoga Shalas in Ocean Side Resort and 3 Yoga Shalas in Garden Side Resort. All are fully equipped with mats, blocks and belts with fans to keep us cool during the hotter months in Goa.

This is the biggest of our yoga spaces and is used for the 200 hr YTTCmorning practice along with other yoga classes scheduled here for Yoga Holidays. It looks over our Ocean View Shala and has views over Patnem Beach, Goa.

This yoga space is directly on Patnem Beach, Goa. It is used for the 300 hr YTTC with morning practice taking place right next to the beach. This yoga space is then used as classroom space for theory classes throughout the day. This shala features an inversion wall along with pull up bars

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