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Himalaya Yoga Valley Goa


Himalaya Yoga Valley Goa

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About This Yoga School

Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre is an International Yoga education centre delivering the highest quality yoga Teacher Training courses, drop-in classes, Yoga Retreats and workshops for both beginners and seasoned practitioners at our centres in India and Ireland.

Over the past decade the team at Himalaya Yoga Valley have established themselves as leading educators in the field of yoga for both teacher trainees and practitioners. Yogacharya Lalit founded our first centre in Dharamsala in the Himalayas in 2002 and we grew to include branches of our centre in Goa and Ireland as well.

Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre Core Value at Himalaya Yoga Valley is “Honor the Source” and it is through this value that we share our teachings and navigate our professional, personal and philosophical paths. At the heart of Yogacharya Lalit’s teachings and our school’s mission is the belief that yoga is a holistic science and discipline that should be approached through the Eight Limbs of Yoga to foster balance and increase well-being.

We believe that yoga should inspire, improve, challenge and nurture the individual to develop a healthy and well-rounded spiritual and physical practice. Our philosophy and method has been embraced by students from all backgrounds aged 18-80 and it is through our respect of the individual that this is possible. We take great pride in our trainee graduates who have spread this philosophy around the world.

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