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Goa Yogashala

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About This Yoga School

GOA is a Little Paradise, Blessed with Sun, Sea and Sand.YOGA has its root in the word ‘Yuj’ which means to ‘Yoke’, like a horse to a chariot. The easy meaning is ‘Union’ and ‘to Connect’.SHALA is Sanskrit word which means a ‘House’ or ‘Abode’ and ‘Shelter’ for pilgrimages or for spiritual seekers.In addition to the Inspiration from the meanings of these 3 words, we have combined the energy, area, people, and programs based on the principles of authentic yoga practices and sutras to create GOA YOGASHALA.

With all this, we provide an abode for you to be healthy, inspired and spiritually awaken to walk further in your personal and professional yogic journey.

After rich experiences of studying and managing at popular Yoga Ashrams and International Yoga Schools in India and abroad, the founding members of the school have created the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Retreats with a systematic approach to apply the Yogic traditions of ancient India to modern living. In our programs, we are committed to bring the true essence of Yoga to every individual by accepting his or her uniqueness. With this approach we can serve every individual or student in a fulfilling and safe way.

We are located in the beach paradise of Agonda. This beach in Goa, not only rated as one of the best beaches but also the most peaceful and serene. The place is all about enjoying the sea and sun without any disturbance from touristy crowd, sales man or women or anyone offering any service.

For accommodation, we take care of all the comforts and offer clean and beautiful rooms, few minutes walking distance from the beach. All the rooms are well-connected with WiFi so that you can stay connected with your family members and work commitments if needed,

Inspired by Ayurveda, the food menu at our yogic café incorporates the freshest ingredients to build a healthier gut, enhance the energy and strength while pushing out the toxins from your body. We are blessed with the best chef who can prepare variety of Indian dishes that are delight to your taste buds.

With the true yogic spirit, the team at Goa Yogashala put their best efforts with compassion and love to make the course, the activities and stay of the students a memorable experience.

We believe that each and everyone of us is blessed with a unique experience and wisdom and so we look forward to learn something from every yoga practitioner or student and apply these insights to improve ourselves to serve better to the growing tribe of Goa Yogashala.

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