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Dr.Aparna - ATHA Yoga Life

Dr.Aparna – ATHA Yoga Life

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About This Yoga School

Word ATHA is used as an auspicious initiation in writing scriptures of existing experiential knowledge.

The first sloka of Pathanjali Yoga sutra

अथ योगानुशासनम्॥१॥

āthā yõgā-āñuśāsānām,

means, Now/Thus start the exposition of Yoga.

Thus we started ATHA Yoga as part of our own exploration to within and life.

Our yoga classes are based on Hatha Yoga practices with the backbone of Pathanjali Yoga Sutras principles.

After starting ATHA Yoga we expanded to ATHA Life, to include different health, happiness, lifestyle helping services. Naming it so, for, ATHA = NOW is the only reality exists. But we forget ‘To Be‘ and is the root cause of all fluctuations and diseases.

Knowledge – Awareness – Happiness happens only NOW. The very life is NOW.

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