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About This Yoga School

Vihaara is an innovative, holistic healthcare and Lifestyle Clinic, delivering evidence-based lifestyle-transformational health experiences through workplace, school and residential programs in Cochin. Vihaara offers ways to create a healthier life, viable alternatives and complimentary treatment choices which are safe, effective ,suitable and also can be used in conjunction with other medical treatments and easy to incorporate into your lives.

At VIHAARA, we don’t just stick a band-aid on your problem, we take the time to listen and uncover the underlying cause of your symptoms. Our goal is to help you feel better about your life – “TO WORK TOGETHER”– to make it healthier, more productive, and more fulfilling. Whether you are struggling with any disease, weight loss, fatigue or want to focus on prevention and wellness, we are committed to help you access your own profound capacity for renewal, healing and lasting wellbeing.

Dr. Anand Gopalakrishnan is a Mind Body Medicine Practitioner, Health Coach, Wellness Consultant and a Corporate Health Educator with over 15 years of experience. Trained in Naturopathy and Yoga from MGR University of Health Sciences Chennai, Dr. Anand uses an integrative and holistic approach to achieve optimal health and mental well-being for his patients. Dr. Anand also holds a Fellowship in Applied Nutrition from Apollo Hospitals Education and Research Foundation, Hyderabad, India.

His expertise includes Integrative and Holistic approach in treating Lifestyle disorders, Fitness management, Yoga, Stress management, Acupuncture, Nutrition and Diet.

Dr.Anand’s personal mission closest to his heart is to create awareness on ‘Holistic Health and Wellness’ to maximum number of people whom he can reach in all walks of life. With this thought, he founded ‘VIHAARA’ in 2014.

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