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Diya Yoga Goa

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About This Yoga School

Diya Yoga believe in individuality, during our yoga teacher training , we support everyone as an individual, as during this multystyle teacher training, we teach, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, and restorative yoga asana classes, so the student can choose what is his/her style and can deepen the practice and teach what they like with more understanding, 200 hour yoga ttc students get to look in, find our what is their best way to teach, we also support meditation a lot, Our Motto is “Be a light unto yourself” we support your inner teacher to come out and shine. we all are individuals and we all have a different way to learn and teach. after this course, you will know what is your style and your way.“DIYA” means an Oil lamp made out of clay. In spritual path mystics of india has call the body as a cup out of clay, the oil is prana, life is the cotton wick,and the flame which burns is our being. Diya Yoga is all about let that flame shine to its fullest potential.

Diya Yoga Center is surrounded by Nature – River and Hills – with a View of the open sky where eagles flying, a coconut treetop view yoga hall, Beach at 3 minute’s walk. A perfect atmosphere to learn yoga. The school has experienced eastern and western yoga teachers teams thus bringing balance in teachings while teaching different yoga courses. We teach multi-style (Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative) yoga styles. This combination gives our students the opportunity to learn in an authentic Yoga setting whilst gaining the skills required to pass on these teachings practically anywhere in the world.

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