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Bhakti Yogshala


Bhakti Yogshala

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About This Yoga School

Bhakti means “devotion, worship, attachment” in Sanskrit. In our Yogshala you will find teachers who are extremely devoted to their yoga practice and will fully support and guide you in yours.

Are you ready to break your inner boundaries and let go of your self-limiting thoughts? We will help you get all the knowledge, drive and confidence you need to develop the self-practice you’ve always been dreaming of! You will slowly but surely see yourself blossom and shift from apprentice to teacher. And we will be happy to witness your transformation! Our students say this course not only transforms their yoga practice, but also their entire life. Come find the path to your true and best self!

We offer all reasons that make you ready for the Yoga teacher training India, Goa. As Yoga is not only about the physical practice or body postures, it also includes mental health and spiritual consciousness and for these, environment matters a lot. In Goa, you will not only be benefitted by the experienced teaching of Yoga Masters, but you will also get the nourishment of divine peaceful atmosphere that is best suitable for the practice of Yoga.

Nowadays, a number of aspirants from all over the globe are interested in the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in India especially from Goa. As these places facilitates:

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