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Ashtanga Cyril Yoga Goa India

Ashtanga Cyril Yoga Goa India

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About This Yoga School

Cyril Yogi is a traditional Indian yoga guru who follows his yoga family of many generations of ancestral traditions. He began training Ashtanga Yoga with his father daily, already in early childhood First, he started to teach yoga in India, and later abroad he has traveled to 23 countries to spread his practical knowledge of Hatha & Ashtanga Cyril Yoga.

Cyril Yoga is the only yoga teacher in the world who guarantees a full refund if you do not receive any incredible benefits from a 4 or 8, weeks yoga retreat following a diet & T & C

Cyril Yoga is a great way to maintain your immune system and mental well-being as a person. “Regular yoga promotes mental clarity and peace; Increases body awareness; Eliminates chronic stress patterns; It calms the mind; Focuses; Concentration sharpens, strengthen your arms and legs, and create balance in your body and mind, retaining youth.

He also runs a self-help charity for poor children in northern India. Helps them by providing them with school uniforms and learning materials, In addition, he is an animal lover and cares for the poor dog for food, medicine, and hospital expenses. More Info Click to watch video

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