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I happen to practice meditation from my childhood and later on age Asana practice.This has helped me to keep a balanced mind and be connected with my senses.After working as an engineer for some years, I decided I wanted to share my passion and knowledge with others and took up full time yoga teaching. Having myself practiced and enjoyed the benefits of Hatha Yoga(Bihar school of yoga tradition), Ashtanga yoga(KPJAYI mysore tradition) and many meditation techniques including Osho Meditation.My Goal is to help others to have a healthier and balanced lifestyle to experience higher dimension of life.Yoga helps us to achieve a balanced mind. We practice the postures in Yoga to gain lightness and strength in the body.With this achieved, we are able to connect to our mind. With constant awareness on practice of different techniques of Yoga helps us to enter into relax state of mind. Relaxed state of Mind, which is free from desire, delusion, anger, anxiety, likes and dislikes or free from past impression, which helps to perceive the life as it is

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