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Yoga with Suu by Sudakshna Thampi

Yoga with Suu by Sudakshna Thampi

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About This Yoga School

Sudakshna Thampi is a wellness expert based in Kochi, Kerala, whose online yoga and meditation classes are sought after by people from all walks of life. She is also a motivational speaker and has inspired many to follow a diet & lifestyle based on yogic principles.

She has served 50+ corporate clients in the last 7 years and continues to groom contestants of beauty pageants with her gentle smile and erudition. She keeps exploring ways to conserve India’s rich heritage of yoga besides showcasing it to the rest of the world.

As part of the Prime Minister’s initiative to Celebrate International Day of Yoga in 2015, Sudakshna led the program at Regional Sports Centre, Ernakulam with the Hon’ble Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhu as the chief guest. Ever since, she continues this tradition in myriad unique ways with students, prominent personalities, and well-wishers. In 2021, she conducted a webinar with TOI called ‘Yoga with Celebrities’.

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