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About This Yoga School

Vrinda school is certified by Yoga Alliance USA, and recognized by Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy Delhi, this teachers training transforms you to a qualified teacher to teach yoga and to treat the public.

Our teachers in Vrinda scientific school of yoga are qualified Doctors of Yoga and Nature cure Master graduates from Indian Government DR.M.G.R Medical University studied for eight and a half years. From our school you can get knowledge of ancient traditional yoga with scientific reference, Human Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry, Applied yoga, Adjustment and Alignment . Vrinda School syllabus is equal to the degree of Bachelor Science in Yoga (BSc Yoga) duration of 3yrs. Our school will transform you to not only as a Yoga teacher, as a yoga therapist too. This will help you to teach and treat your students as well as the public.

In Vrinda scientific school of yoga you can get well programmed academic classes along with practical ssessoins. Both the theory classes and practical classes are given by our Doctor Malathi, she is a doctor in Yoga and Nature cure and Master degree in Yoga , both the degrees from Government Dr.MGR Medical university in Chenna.


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