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Slim Yoga


About This Yoga School

Mr. Rajeev P. Nair has been conducting yoga classes to all age groups and to patients with different ailments ever since 2006. He is the yoga teacher at Al- Ameen Public School from 2007 and was the Physical Instructor –cum- Yoga master at Matha Public School. At present he is the Yoga Therapist at the General Hospital, Ernakulam where he joined in 2010.He trains enthusiasts at the Slim yoga Academy, Panampilly Nagar & at Rajeev Gandhi Indoor Stadium besides personal tuitions for celebrities.

He is genuine & sincere in his work & goes out of his way to achieve maximum results for his students in slimming, reducing the abdominal fat, curing various physical problems & to attain a high level of physical & mental health.

His innovative Slim Yoga has been found very effective in maintaining a shapely figure & a vigilant brain which keep the dedicated follower spirited & youthful. The patients who attend his classes at the Gen. Hospital get unbelievable relief from pain, & from diseases like, hypertension, diabetes, asthma & back-pain.

Slim Yoga training under Rajeevji is your sure step forward to a healthy, handsome and confident future!

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