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Santhi School of Yoga & Vedanta Studies

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Santhi School of Yoga & Vedanta Studies

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About This Yoga School

School of yoga and Vedanta Studies
The aim of Yoga is to monitor the body and mind in a nutritional manner with a ritual discipline in practice. The practice of yoga attracts those who want to master physical flexibility and strength in the body. On this journey we discover an inwards path to self fulfillment and healing of mind and body. The practice of Yoga makes the body strong and flexible and it also improves the bodily functions of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and hormonal systems. Yoga brings about emotional stability and clarity of mind. The ultimate aim is one of self-development, liberation and self-realization.

Sajee Yoga Master or Sajeevan A.M, holds an Advanced Teacher Training Certificate (ATTC) in Sivananda Yoga studies and studies of Vedanta (Non-dual Philosophy). Sajee has a special talent for training Yoga students, with his charismatic personality and warm presence. He has extensive experience in Hatha Yoga practice and Yoga philosophy. Sajee is a well established yoga teacher in Cochin, Kerala and he has been teaching Hatha Yoga for the last 25 years. His own Santhi Yoga School has been in operation at his residence in Cochin, for 15 years now.
For the last 25 years, Sajee has followed spiritual life, guide by Narayana Guru and Ramana Maharshi. In his yoga practice Sajee has trained students and yoga teachers from all over the world. Sajee is well known in his home town and his students come from all over the world. Some of his students have invited him to take his practice out of Cochin to other countries.
He has conducted classes around the world in different countries, as his motto in life is to spread spirituality, healthy living and ethics of life to the entire world.

At Santhi Yoga School we provide a one month intensive teacher training course (TTC) based in the Hatha Yoga Sivananda Tradition. Our TTC is designed for students who are ready take their yoga practice to a deeper and more advanced level. The TTC is a unique, personal and transforming experience and in it we learn that everything we need is already within us and through practice we can access our gifts. It is a great way to discover harmony, balance and peace within and build awareness of the nature of mind, body and spirit. The course comprises of yoga topics required to provide astute students with a firm foundation to share their knowledge of yoga and yogic lifestyle with others and to develop and maintain discipline within their own practice.

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