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Sadhana Padham Yoga & Tours


Sadhana Padham Yoga & Tours

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About This Yoga School

The greatest wealth of man is a healthy mind and a healthy body. It is the body and mind that experiences the joys and sorrows of life. Our body and mind should have the ability and strength for to manage the two side of our life.

Usually, we think about health only when we are close to illness. The root cause of all the diseases we have today is not living according to the principles of nature. Our life today is the sum total of our thoughts, words and actions so far. Good thought, good word, good deed, selflessness and service all these promote health. The mind is where strength comes from. The mind drives the physical body. The body will likewise be feeble if the mind is. Negative situations and experiences are the shadows that spread in the psyche, which is the root cause of mental pain and mental fatigue.

Sadhana Padham Yoga and Tours brings the Indian yoga science to you all in its unique form, purifying our mental and spiritual thoughts and providing an opportunity for everyone through various tours to visit various spiritual and mental pleasure centers in India and getting to know the essence of Indian culture and diversity through the travel.

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