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Rishikesh Yog Ganga


Rishikesh Yog Ganga

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About This Yoga School

Rishikesh Yog Ganga established in the year of 2010 with the aim of helping the society through the development and promotion of wholesome yogic education and practices. Rishikesh is one of the most well-known spiritual land in the foot of Himalayan mountains snuggled alone banks of the sacred Ganges River known as “Capital of Yoga”. It is an incredible place to experience authentic Traditional Indian yoga and meditation in a cultural and respectful manner. It is a bit calmer than other parts of India. Rishikesh Yog Ganga situated close to Holy River Ganges and green mountains views around which always soothing the tired eyes. The environment here, always bring the peaceful feeling as well as awakening spiritual energy to everyone who touched this soil. Rishikesh encompassed by delightful Himalayan Range, greenery alongside wonderful Holy River Ganges streaming on the lap of Himalayas. The climate and condition is suitable for restoring yourself in Rishikesh. Individuals from the whole way across the globe come to India for Yoga withdraws in Rishikesh – Rejuvenate and unwind with our Yoga Teacher Training Programs and our Yoga Retreat Programs. The city will without a doubt make you experience passionate feelings for it and will enhance your spirit with harmony.

Rishikesh has always been the preferred location for yoga seekers all around the world. The natural tranquil environment and holy ambiance provide you the positive vibes to start your yoga practice peacefully. Not only the environment of Rishikesh but positivity, serenity and most importantly the right teaching you find here will prove again and again Rishikesh as Yoga Capital of the World. This small holy city is the ultimate choice for yoga & meditation. So, with the blessings of Maa Ganga, Start your Program by joining Rishikesh Yog Ganga. Rishikesh Yog Ganga our goal is to provide Seekers with unique spiritual, religious, and mind/body experiences by applying our expertise in yoga.Rishikesh Yog Ganga is a young, ambitious and modern-day Yoga Studio that differentiates itself from others by offering not just practices, but also understanding, context, meaning, and relevance of what we teach. Rishikesh Yog Ganga provide 200,300,500 hours Yoga Teacher Training and different small yoga retreat courses, to spread the yoga all over the world, to spread the peace in world, to teach people from different culture how to live healthy and happy life. Rishikesh Yog Ganga School is dedicated to spreading the complete ancient knowledge of various types of Yoga such as Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Meditation, Pranayama, Meditation and Vinyasa etc in its traditional form.

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