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Rishikesh Himalaya Yoga Institute


Rishikesh Himalaya Yoga Institute

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About This Yoga School

In the western world, the ancient tradition of yoga is very well recognized as a path of holistic living and alternative form of Medicine or a medical support system with integration of ones physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components yoga is scientifically proven to be enhancing healthy body and mind in order to cultivate the balanced personality with peace of mind, calmness and total wellbeing.

Rishikesh Himalaya Yoga Institute (RHYI) is one of the leading Yoga and Ayurveda Institute in Rishikesh in the foothills of the Himalayas, a premier center of Yoga studies and practices.

At Rishikesh Himalaya Yoga Institute we are committed to impart the traditional and ancient knowledge of yoga to create a deeper sense of awareness for mind, body and soul. Our philosophy is SARVE SANTU NIRAMAYA (Let all be healthy and happy). Our objective is to create a healthy yoga society with a balanced, aware and happy yoga practitioners and individuals and ultimately directing towards global peace and harmony among ALL.

The mission of RHYI is to provide authentic yoga teachings and to impart the ancient knowledge and teachings to create an awareness of mind, body and soul, which leads one to holistic way of lifestyle to each and everyone for their own benefits without any discrimination of caste, religion, age or gender.

RHYI follows the traditional teaching methodology with modern and scientific approaches. RHYI offers number of courses and study programmes to attain a self-sustaining state of total well-being. The varieties of study programmes offers are widely recognized and consider the most authentic with modern scientific approach.

All of our programmes are guided and supervised by our internationally experienced teaching faculty. The curriculum of our certified Yoga Teacher Training Courses meets and exceeds the international standards.

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