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Devvrat Yoga Sangha | Yoga Teacher Training course in Kerala

devvrat yoga sangha

Devvrat Yoga Sangha | Yoga Teacher Training course in Kerala

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About This Yoga School

We have established Devvrat Yoga Sangha with the vision to create an opportunity for serious practitioners to deepen their experience of Yoga and develop their physical, mental, and spiritual practice. Starting the Yoga Sangha with the aim of gathering Yoga students, teachers and scholars alike, we aspire to create a yogic community of dedicated practitioners who have found or want to find a sense of purpose in pursuing yogic practices in the modem world. The knowledge and experience of Yoga shared in the Yoga training, workshops, and retreats at the Yoga Sangha, allow you to take your practice to a more meaningful level by either deepening or awakening it. The philosophical and spiritual strength of the Yoga Sangha makes the experience even more intense.

As a yogic community, we want to keep the ancient wisdom and science of Yoga alive by studying it in-depth, propagating it, and making it accessible to many people. That is why a major part of our activity is the Yoga Project which aims at researching the philosophical, spiritual and anatomical aspects of Yoga and bringing scholars of various academic backgrounds together. The Yoga Project will allow gathering a substantial amount of valuable data from various fields for public use. One part of the project will also involve non-academicians by encouraging them to examine and share their experience connected to Yoga and thus invite a public discussion and exchange of thought. Blending the wisdom of both Ashtanga and Hatha, the two ancient traditional styles of Yoga, the trainings, workshops, and retreats we create impart comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. The focus of the practice remains spiritual and meditative in nature, even in the practice of yoga asana. All teachers at the Yoga Sangha are themselves dedicated practitioners, which means that apart from the correct alignment in asana practice, the students gain in-depth spiritual and philosophical knowledge applicable in the contemporary world.

The practitioners who wish to pursue their yogic path by sharing Yoga with others can participate in our Yoga TTCs. Apart from extensive asana practice with a focus on alignment, the courses have been designed to equip the student with knowledge of Philosophy, Anatomy, and the Art of Teaching. All the subjects combine traditional ancient wisdom with modern science in order to make the most intricate aspects of Yoga thoroughly understood and deeply experienced. Therefore, we always provide the students with hands-on experience of what they learn throughout the course, making their journey to become Yoga teachers truly profound.

For those who wish to benefit from the ancient Indian practices and philosophy and are searching for a deep experience of the Self journeying inward to calm the mind and heal the body, the Yoga Sangha has Retreats that merge two sister sciences – Yoga and Ayurveda. During the time spent in pristine nature, you can eradicate physical, mental, or spiritual pain, rejuvenating and bringing balance to your life.

If you feel inspired by our vision, you are welcome to join our community and grow with us.

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