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Avadhuta School of Yoga

Avadhuta School of Yoga

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About This Yoga School

Healthy body is home to a healthy mind. And only with a healthy mind can you work properly to get a healthy body. On which should we work first? Working on both simultaneously is the only way.
Ask yourself: Am I healthy?

Just losing your weight will not make you healthy? Then will absence of any disease will do? No, it will not.

Being healthy simply means having zeal to work, every day you wake up. And we are here for you in order to achieve that only. For hygiene we bathe every day, same goes for being healthy, we have to work on it every day.

Avadhuta is a Sanskrit term referring to a type of mystic or saint who is beyond egoic-consciousness, duality and common worldly concerns and acts without consideration for standard social etiquette.

Avadhuta School of Yoga started in April 2014 with an aim to create awareness about the Power of Yoga to the wonderful creatures of mankind. We had students from various parts of the world who use the yoga practices for their physical as well as mental wellness. It is located at the heart of Kovalam beach in Kerala, better known as God’s Own Country..

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