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Rishikesh Spiritual Yoga


Rishikesh Spiritual Yoga

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About This Yoga School

Rishikesh Spiritual Yoga is a registered Yoga School centered in the magical Himalayan valley of Rishikesh, India. Our Yoga School is dedicated to restore, explore and impart the purest and traditional form of yogic knowledge and its science in the most holistic approach and relatable context possible for students of both Western and Eastern culture.

Rishikesh Spiritual Yoga  aim to bring forth and maintain the yogic values to their ancient and traditional purity as taught by the yogis of the Himalayan masters. Thus, our Yoga School stands a bridge between pure and traditional form and the contemporary form of yoga and meditation studies. Our deep understanding of the true concepts of yoga and meditation and the ability to interpret it through scientific verification enables us to help people understand its core essence.

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