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Divine Space Yoga and Meditation

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Divine Space Yoga and Meditation

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About This Yoga School

Divine Space Yoga is a teaching organization founded in 2015. This organization starts with the hard work of “Gagandeep Singh”, who really puts great efforts in making this organization. It’s the outcome of his hard work is that today “Divine Space Yoga” is one of the renowned yoga institutes in Rishikesh. The word “Divine Space” itself depicts the meaning “high in the sky” and this meaning is clearly justified by its location on the Bank of Holy River Ganga, surrounded by hills, all around in the Capital of Yoga “Rishikesh”. As the environment plays a prime role to become a good yogic and here our location is all which makes our place a true Divine space to practice yoga and Spirituality. Our teaching styles and techniques are ingenious and zestful.
Divine Space Yoga is a Registered Yoga School. Basically, the courses we offered are; 100 Hours Ayur Yoga TTC, 200 Hour Yoga TTC, 300 Hour Yoga TTC, Yoga Retreats, Ayurveda courses and much more. We also provide Yoga Workshops. The main aim of our courses is to provide adequate but deep knowledge of yoga so that they easily understand the concept of the great world of yoga and will become a good yogic.

Founder of the school, Yogi Gagandeep is having an experience of more than 12 years as a yoga instructor in many kinds of the yogic stream. Not only this, but he also has experience of curing serious body issues and diseases by yoga and natural treatments. He very well scheduled diet and exercise according to weather, age, and lifestyle. He really has a good command in Hatha and Vinyasa style of Yoga. He indeed motivated students through his speech in order to increase awareness of yoga, health & exercise. If the foundation is good then the structure will be definitely good, similarly, if the founder has so much of capabilities then surely students will become brainy.


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