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Ajarya Yoga Academy


Ajarya Yoga Academy

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About This Yoga School

Ajarya means “ageless” or “one that never dies”. That is possible only if one evolves and adapts to the needs of the time.

Ajarya Yoga Academy has been conceived with the purpose of bringing the best in yoga teachings to sincere learners who in turn would adopt these learnings and propagate these among their own communities to create a world truly united in Yoga.Understanding this huge responsibility, Ajarya is steadfastly determined to bring only the most suited and skilled teachers to their teacher trainings, irrespective of lineage or nationalities.

With the growing popularity of Yoga, we recognize the challenges as different cultural traits adopt teachings differently and in a manner suited best to their own cultural leanings. Yet, we as people have similar sufferings, both physical by way of disease, as well as psychological – anxieties, desires, jealousies, angers etc. Most importantly, we all seek to be free from these sufferings or bondages.

It is these similarities which enthuse us to address a large diaspora by truly believing in the “World is One” concept.

Accordingly you will find Ajarya Yoga teacher Trainings to be a healthy blend catering to both Eastern & Western sensibilities. You would find esoteric concepts being dealt with in a scientific or rational manner to the extent possible. At the same time, you will find an intensive yoga asana (postures) experience to blend with the strong Western influence of fitness.

Ajarya aims to be one large yoga family sharing this common tenet. Accordingly, trainees from our Teacher training courses are encouraged to re-immerse themselves in our subsequent teacher trainings for their own growth as well as of the others whom they teach to.

If you find our thoughts echo your own, you have reached the right place and we would encourage and welcome you to be a part of our yoga trainings – either as a student or as a teacher.

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