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About This Yoga School

We are moving towards another milestone In our journey where we are ready to spread our yoga teacher training course more with utter dedication and humility. With this vision we have now opened gates to our New Campus in the South of Goa, India. A dream place for every yoga practitioner to learn & acquire new skills, techniques and experience yoga with best yoga instruction certification in GOA.

Our Campus is located at a Seashore of Patnem Beach with stunning Panoramic Ocean view, peaceful and tranquil environment. Learning Yoga at Adhiroha Goa will be an experience for a lifetime.

An abode for aspiring yogis situated at the foothills of the Himalayas. Blessed with the elements of natural flowing water, self-sustainable forest, pure air and the sound of silence. A dream space for any yoga practitioner. Adhiroha is a holistic hermitage that promises to maintain its sanctity by instilling discipline and gratitude in daily routine with creative teaching methods to enhance the experience of every yoga practitioner.

Adhiroha RYC takes inspiration from the Mooladhara (Root) Chakra which is the seat of primal energy. We cover 200 Hours Yoga teacher Training which is certified by US Yoga Alliance. This yoga teacher training certificate course is one significant factor in the foundation of your transformational journey and is specifically designed for novice/beginners to intermediate level yoga practitioners who aspire to become yoga teachers or want to go deep into practice, confident learning & get certified.

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