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Abhyantara Yoga-100, 200,Hours Yoga TTC in Rishikesh,India


Abhyantara Yoga-100, 200,Hours Yoga TTC in Rishikesh,India

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About This Yoga School

Founded by Harindra Chaudhary, “Abhyantara Yoga” is a registered yoga school in Rishikesh that offers various yoga teacher training courses including, 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training, 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Retreats. We are blessed by the divinity of the Ganges and hence running successfully our yoga courses in Rishikesh certified by Yoga Alliance, USA. Whatever your level of yoga is? That doesn’t matter at all! You can come and choose the level of yoga you want to learn or experience. We considered ourselves lucky as we are having our yoga school in Rishikesh, India. A city replete with lush greenery, the majestic Himalayan Mountains, holy river Ganga, temples, ashrams and much more. The atmosphere of Rishikesh is enough to lure you to come here again & again. When it comes about yoga, then Rishikesh is the best destination to practice and rapt in the magic of yoga! So, Have you decided to become a Registered Yoga Teacher? Then surely visit “Abhyantara Yoga” in Rishikesh and deepen you knowledge and practice of Yoga

“Bahya” means “External” or “Outer”, “Abhyantara” is just opposite to it. Abhyantara is a Sanskrit word that depicts the meaning, “Inner” or “Internal”. In the yogic world, the term “Abhyantara” is associated when we are talking about “Pranayama” or “Breathing Exercises”. We take a pause after an inhalation during Pranayama, that pause is “Abhyantara”. It is actually a deliberate secession of breathing which leaves the body motionless. There is also a term, “Abhyantara Vritti” which is a type of pranayama in which the breath is held uses maximum lung capacity and for the time limit as long as possible after an inhalation. This is known to be one of the main stages of Pranayama that enhance physical awareness as well as introspection. Also, it is believed to be a fighting agent for respiratory problems (like asthma) and increases energy and vitality of the body. The main motive of Abhyantara or Abhyantara Vritti is very simple, that is, to help in bringing the energy of the body system into harmony

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