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Vinyasa Yoga Ashram


Vinyasa Yoga Ashram

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About This Yoga School

Vinyasa Yoga Ashram was opened in 2015 witnessing the beauty and charisma of Rishikesh. We want to induce the guna (Qualities) of a true Rishi (Sages) inside you and are happy to announce that we are successful in this. Many of our yoga students become successful in their yogic style and are teaching others with great confidence and passion.

The professional and highly qualified teachers of our yoga school help you at every stage and impart the spiritual knowledge of yoga to our beloved students. We want to propagate the knowledge and wisdom of yoga as much as we can and so with this aim, we also established our yoga school also in the scenic places of Goa and Nepal.When we are talking about Yoga, we are simply talking about the interflow of body, soul, and mind in one dimension. This very ancient art of health and wellness unifies the soul of the body with the supreme power of the world. The science of yoga is all about generating positive energy, self-awareness, and self-transformation by Asana or Physical Exercises, Mindfulness activities, diet control, and Breathing Technique or Pranayama. Yoga creates a proper balance between the three segments of human life through which one can attain a stable and peaceful state.

As the hecticness in the modern-day life increase, the need for the art of yoga gain popularity. Yoga apart from the complete overhaul of the human body is nowadays the perfect choice for the brightest career. Yoga Teacher Training Courses are the recommended way to gain proficiency in the art of yoga teaching. Many yoga studios and yoga schools are providing valid yoga teaching certification with an in-depth knowledge of yoga. For obtaining the proper knowledge of yoga and globally approved certification & standards, Yoga Alliance affiliated school must be chosen.

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