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AYM Yoga Teacher Training


AYM Yoga Teacher Training

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About This Yoga School

AYM Yoga School basks in the ethereal beauty of Rishikesh and has been the hub of yoga enthusiasts worldwide. It is one of the premier and largest yoga schools in Rishikesh, and it continues to provide the best yoga teacher training courses (TTC) in Rishikesh. And this is quite evident from the feedback received from thousands of their national as well as international students, year after year.

These yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh follow the classical style of yoga.

The AYM School was founded in 2005. Yogi Mahesh Chetan Ji is the founder & director of the school. He is known for his supreme eminence in the field of yoga. He has traveled to many countries and trained yoga teachers at the international level. And his vision is to spread this knowledge to the larger population by creating at least one lakh yoga teachers globally.

These yoga certification courses are globally valid. And every year, there is a constant check on the curriculum so the students get the best out of their yoga training sessions. That is why AYM is one of the best yoga teacher training schools in Rishikesh. And their alumni group of thousands of yogis (who have successfully completed their yoga instructor certification) is spread across various parts of the world, guiding other souls toward a healthy, happy, and peaceful life.

If you think that yoga teacher training is only for those people who want to teach yoga to others, you have got it completely wrong. Whether you want to teach yoga or you want to learn authentic yoga to deepen your practice, taking up a yoga teacher training course definitely helps.

Many yoga teachers have found that their personal and spiritual growth accelerated further once they completed their yoga TTC. This is because once you start teaching this divine science to others and practice the yogic techniques more often, then you could feel that a different dimension opens up within yourself

And most importantly, from a career point of view, being a certified yoga professional also opens up an additional source of income. In these uncertain times in the job market, having an additional skill set is definitely an asset. Don’t you think so?

We provide courses on kundalini yoga teacher training, prenatal yoga teacher training, yoga teacher training retreats, hatha yoga teacher training, etc. Besides classroom sessions, we also offer various yoga courses online. Yes, it includes online yoga teacher training programs as well. If you are looking for yoga therapy training online, we have courses that cover the same.

AYM Yoga School offers one of the best yoga teachers trainings in India. The teachers at AYM are highly qualified to teach yoga, and they are dedicated professionals who impart yogic wisdom in a warm and friendly manner.

AYM is not only focusing on yoga teacher training but also the popularization and promotion of yoga and yoga institutes in India. We offer the best online yoga teacher training programs as well.

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