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Maa Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh


Maa Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh

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About This Yoga School

Maa Yoga Ashram has been a leading name in Ayurvedic treatments and Health Care and has more than 100 years of lineage. It has a rich history that goes back to 1914 when the late Dr. Gunwant Rai Agarwal F/o Late Sh. V. C. Agarwal started the organization in Muzaffarnagar (U.P.), India. Later, he was joined by Late Vaidyaraj Sh. V. C. Agarwal, and in 1982, Dr. Rakesh Agarwal and Dr. Neelam Agarwal also became a part of the Maa Yoga Ashram. Thereafter, Yogi Dr. Amrit Raj joined the team in 2005, and in 2011, Dr. Arjun Raj also became a part of the organization’s dedicated team.

In 1992, Maa Yoga Ashram Family Health Magazine was launched, which has since been read by millions of people across India and around the World. The same year, the “Maa Yoga Ashram Global Aids Research Foundation” was established, which provides charitable services globally in fields such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes mellitus, migraines, joint pains, obesity, and more. The foundation conducts research and development on over 600 herbs and regularly publishes research papers in leading journals. In 2010, Maa Yoga Ashram was established in the holy city of Rishikesh under the dynamic leadership of Yogi Dr. Amrit Raj, offering ayurvedic sciences, yogic sciences, a holistic treatment center with panchakarma, an ayurvedic organic kitchen, and much more.

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